I am crazy and obsessive. I know this. But I am at a loss of how to control it. I know that if I ignore my feelings that it will manifest in other ways, if they don’t grow exponentially and I emotionally explode. But I can’t really deal with this particular issue when it involves my possessiveness over my friends. It’s unfair.

I introduced one group of friends to others and I’m pretty certain they’ve bonded over VERY similar interests and I am out. Two fucking weekends where they plan shit when I’m busy; quite possibly three but one I think is under wraps. Because whenever I brought it up they gave short answers. Anyway… I get how insane I sound. I do. I wish I could just throw all these feelings away but I cannot. I just can’t.

All I do want to do is fade away, just disconnect from the world and live in my own for a little while.

“When you love something you have to let it go.”

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