Layaway money

I am MOO-DY today. More than I have been in some time. The money I was counting on for London was tied up in my stocks. Back in September I wanted to sell them and get the cash then but my husband told me not to because I would “spend it.” Typically when I set aside money for something I won’t touch it, but I listened to him and left it in there until it got closer to trip time.

Since that time my stocks have taken a hard dive and when I could have had almost $2,000 to take with me on our trip, I now have $1,500. That is some bull shit. I should have done it when I wanted.

Although the thing that sucks about the stock market: no one ever knows. I thought it’d keep going up. At this point I am very aware that is a terrible assumption. Now I don’t want to sell it at all. I want to make back the money I lost. Yet, again, it’s all a gamble.

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