Keep On Scrolling

Today is going to be a quick one. Mainly because I have a headache, but another reason was because I wasn’t feeling this prompt. Just a quick heads up, this is going to be a dark one.

Year of Writing Prompts by Brian A. Klems and Zachary Petit

January 13

“Write a story featuring an author, the ocean, and an antique weapon.”

Xander sat waiting, seated in the overstuffed leather chair facing the front door. Held in his right hand was a pistol, the hammer pulled back, ready to be fired. For the past four hours he had sat perfectly still, running the scene through his head; the phony would come home to his beach house, wanting a vacation, and Xander would bless him with a peaceful rest.

A smile stretched across his lips.

Once his story had been printed under the name of someone else he wanted nothing but vengeance. He tried the legal route, but when one has no money coming across competent legal aid is difficult. In the end he knew what it was he had to do.

Keys jingled and scraped into the lock, sending Xander’s heart into his throat. His index finger hovered nervously over the trigger.

Gregory Dreck opened the door and was met with a puff of smoke, a loud bang, and a metal bullet whizzing by his head.

Xander gulped and forced a smile.

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