I really didn’t want to do this prompt.  Mainly because I couldn’t think of anything.  It’s hard putting words into the mouth of a hero.  Especially one I know only vaguely.  I’ve listened to the beginning half of “The Narnian,” but it would seem that even audiobooks can’t escape the curse of my only reading a book halfway through.  Although the point isn’t to have things to say at the word go.  This is an exercise to get my literary mind pumping.  I want to be good and the only way that is possible is to do this daily.  The next few months will be increasingly difficult.  I have inadvertently double booked myself with school.  For a brief moment I even contemplated adding participation into a theatrical endeavor and then remembered I would go berserk.  Below is a pitiful effort, but I got more than I thought I could do.  That is, at least, saying something for my imagination.

A Year of Writing Prompts by Brian A. Klems and Zachary Petit

January 19

“Write the tweets of your dead hero, a dead historical figure, or a long passed literary great.”

@CS_Lewis How could one believe such nonsense?

@CS_Lewis I’m beginning to rethink this agnostic view I have taken. It can’t all be wrong.

@CS_Lewis I might change my handle to ProgressiveAnglican. Thoughts?

@CS_Lewis Never would have I thought that one day I would be teaching at Oxford. All the more exciting twist of life.

@CS_Lewis A thought has just come to mind, what if two demons were having a twitter discussion about the end of the world?

@CS_Lewis Meeting with my fellow Inklings at The Eagle and Child.

@CS_Lewis The things John comes up with send my mind into a frenzy.

@CS_Lewis No one thought my manuscript was up to snuff. I guess it’s in to the kindling pile.

@CS_Lewis I came across this old bit I’d penned some time ago. Can’t imagine why I’d throw it away.

@CS_Lewis For loathing allegory as much as he does, John certainly pushes a belief in symbolism of legends.

@CS_Lewis After much deliberation I have once again returned to the church of childhood. It feels warm and wonderful in the pew.

@CS_Lewis On this day I have lost one of my dearest friends. He was afflicted with homosexuality, but I did not care.

@CS_Lewis It must be Wednesday if I’m meeting with some grubby chaps at The Eagle.

@CS_Lewis Bloody Americans and their endless thirst. Only one pub open tonight.

@CS_Lewis It becomes increasingly apparent that someone does not know me truly if they call me Clive.

@CS_Lewis I suppose I should write a beginning if I intend to tell an end.

@CS_Lewis To all my fellow veterans, pleasant armistice day.

@CS_Lewis Who doesn’t enjoy a warm pint now and again.

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