The jinx waiting period has passed

I genuinely forgot that I needed to write. And I am very glad that some random part of my brain reminded me that it needed to be done because so far I have missed a Friday. And my new mantra as of late is “finish what you start.” But to be fair I never did give an end date to this. Or maybe I did… a year? Who knows. The primary purpose of this was to keep myself writing to hone my craft into something sellable.

Today is officially a week since I sent an email inquiring within for a possible columnist position. There was a controversial firing over at the local newspaper and I thought I’d strike while the iron was scalding hot to get myself a role in the vacated seat. Although I have not heard a peep back. It’s disheartening. Hell, at this point, I would take a “we will look further into your inquiry. Thank you,” than absolute silence.

I told myself not to get my hopes up. Going into the email process I knew the chances of hearing back were slim to nil. And more likely not at all. But as one does I started to fantasize about getting the position and putting my life right onto the page. I would have an audience of typically conservative Christian readers potentially sending me hate mail, that I told myself I wouldn’t read. And the most important part of it all, I would get paid to write.

At this juncture I am such an easy score that I’d write something for $10 just to say that I am a paid writer.  Then I could turn that one job into stepping stone to bigger and better things. It’s all part of an overarching plan. I just need that first step.

I won’t take it personally, the no response. I am sure that he probably gets a million emails a day and I was just one lone voice in the cocaphony. Or maybe I was marked as spam and it filtered me out, never to be seen. Either way it doesn’t mean anything negative toward myself or my ability.

The thing that I did get from this event, that was entirely unexpected, were the words my husband imparted to me. He said, “It is something that you just tried.” Every once in awhile he says something unexpected that fills me with pride and worth.

So, I will take the lack of reply to be a firm no and I will fight the urge not to bombard him with further letters.

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