Shoot Me

I can’t sleep. As much as I want to quiet my mind I cannot. My thoughts are consumed with how foolish, gullible, and childish my parents have become. They never used to be this way. But as the years pass I find them becoming increasingly naieve. However, in the same breath they are also ultra suspicious of everyone and have multiple locks on their doors behind security screens. It’s insane.

Tonight I was called over to do IT work, per usual. For whatever reason they were having trouble logging into their bank account. I would walk them through it over the phone but my mother can barely speak and my dad has never used a computer. So I have to be there to do it.

After I get there I become privy to the fact that they were very nearly scammed by someone using the most recent trick in the books. The grift is someone calling up an elderly person and pretending to be a grandchild in peril and requesting money. The marks are given a place to wire the cash by a designated time before they can ask anymore questions. And my parents very nearly did if it hadn’t been for my Aunt and Uncle telling them what it really was.

The thing that annoys me the most is the telephone call was littered with red flags, but my parents are so gullible and trusting they thought NOTHING of it.

First off, after my father answered, the person on the other end said “Grandpa.” That immediately should have forced my father to respond, “Sorry, you have the wrong number.” He has no grandchildren as I am his only child and have no children. For whatever fucking reason, my dad said “Blake?” and the person replied “Yes.” Which even if that was the case they would not call my parents and say “Grandpa” he would have said “Uncle.” And if my cousin was actually in an accident and required an immediate $2K he would not have called them. Nor would he have asked them to forward the money to a place in Wisconsin where he does not live.

My parents though, saw nothing wrong with this phone call. I am glad they did have some sense to contact my aunt and uncle to question the validity.

My parents, in classic fashion, over-corrected and despite not having given them any information (however even that is in question) they went to the bank to change their account. I can only imagine what it was they told the poor clerk at the bank. Because, even I could barely understand what had actually happened.

The real culprit here is old age and the fact that my parents have barricaded themselves into their homes, only leaving to get further sustenance or cigarettes (in my father’s case.) They have no hobbies and they speak with no one, except me when I am called over for IT work or for my weekly visits.

And I am torn. One part of me is furious that I have to endure this, this is my life and I don’t want to waste it with incompetent adults. On the other-hand I want to cocoon them in bubble wrap and place them in a safe corner away from further harm. I just don’t know what to do.

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