Not a “Resolution”

One of my favorite lines from a film (which I know I have mentioned countless times in other New Year blogs) is when Forrest Gump and Lt. Dan go to a bar, in New York, and watch the ball drop with two beautiful women; and the one with doe eyes watches and remarks “Don’t you just love New Years. Everybody gets a second chance.” There is a sadness and hope in her voice that says she’s seen and done things she wants to forget. It’s so small but so powerful. It also completely encapsulates the mentality behind the holiday.

Human beings are filled with hope and possibility. Even at our most broken moments we wish for something better to come along. It’s ingrained in us. We also have this strange notion that because a new year rolls into existence that somehow we’re different people or our situations are different. For the most part that is true. We are different beasts from one day to the next. (Every moment we experience is unique.) Yet we can’t change who we are as easily as the roll of a calendar year.

That’s why I am not one to do resolutions. They’re silly and more often than not never are completed. Why would we magically do something now that we hadn’t achieved before? I guess we’re also just insane. We do the same thing praying for a different result.

Typically I tend to steer clear of resolutions. I rather just try and live than make some grand pronouncement that I will do ‘x’. In the past I have attempted and failed. Why would now be any different? (Maybe because I’m not the same person?)

In the spirit of “resolution” I have decided to write something here, everyday. It may be short. It may be long. But I will try and put my thoughts to page as much as I can.

To help facilitate such efforts I have the “Writer’s Digest presents A Year of Writing Prompts” in my back pocket if my mind just isn’t coming up with something to write. (And there will absolutely be those days.)

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