For starters…

I need to write more. For a few reasons. One, to keep my skills sharp. Lately even my texts have gotten off and that bothers me like no other. I hate sounding like an idiot.

Two, It keeps me sane. I have been described as a very “cerebral” person and that could not be more on target. Living in my head is my favorite past time. Thinking about everything that is going on in my life ends up turning into toxic sludge which poisons my thoughts and actions. Writing them out extracts all of it and leaves peace

Three, I have a story to tell. not many people do. I use to worry I never did. Maybe that’s why all of this happened. My desire to be “interesting” caused all of those around me to suffer. Which lends credence to the old saying “be careful what you wish for.”

I know that, I didn’t really cause these things to happen (my dad’s death, my mom dying of Alzheimer’s, and my husband dying of ALS). Yet there is also the belief that the words we speak actually effect our lives.

Be careful what you think and feel.

With perseverance I will write more. I have to.

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