Saved in my phone

A year of writing prompts
January 23
Write about an author that turns down the opportunity many authors would kill for. (I’m paraphrasing. I’m doing this on my iPhone.)

Ferris called Jared vibrating with excitement. The novice novelist could hear the feedback of his agents enthusiasm over the line as a low hum.
“You are not going to believe it!” Ferris said for the tenth time. (Many had been in quick succession.)
“Either you can tell me or I’m hanging up. As much fun as it is to play guessing games in really not in the mood.”
“Not on the phone! Meet me at Sandrini’s downtown and we can discuss it over dinner. I’m buying kid.”
The agog agent didn’t even wait for a response before he hung up.
Jared pocketed his traditional flip cell phone and headed out.
The drive downtown was quicker than he thought it would be, but after all it was only noon on a Wednesday.
Sandrinis was an Italian restaurant in a converted basement below a hair salon. The exposed brick walls were bright red against the stained concrete floors. The circular, cherry wood, bar stood in the center, dividing the dining room from the pool table.
Jared descended the steps into darkness. Once his eyes adjusted he noticed ferris across the room, his nose in his smartphone.
The new author strutted over to the booth and removed his coat before he slid in.
“Order whatever you want!” Ferris said, beaming. “My treat.”
The two perused the menu in relative silence; ferris was humming to himself a tune Jared didn’t know.
Since being dragged across town against his desire to stay quiet at home, Jared decided to make the most of this lunch. He found the most expensive thing on the menu and ordered it without hesitation. Ferris gaped for a moment before grinning and waving his hand.
Jared sighed and ran a rough hand through his brown hair. It felt weird to him to be outside. Then it dawned on him that this was the first time in two weeks, since Lorrie and he had parted ways.
The sadness bean to creep over his shoulders onto his chest.
“Now are you going to tell me?”
“Your book has been chosen to be turned into a big blockbuster movie!” Ferris squealed with delight and once he had finished it was silence on the line.
“This is not going to happen.”

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