Excuses and explanations

If it hasn’t become abundantly clear, my plan to do a writing prompt every day for a total of 365 has taken a back seat. My evenings are full to the brim with my social life and school that there just isn’t enough time. At least I’m still exercising my brain.

I’m rather frustrated with myself. I am meant to write and submit a formal argument essay in my english class and for once I have nothing to debate. The usual issues that get my blood boiling don’t seem to have the usual potency. I must be broken. Given a task I could do for no reason except to vent but instead can’t even find the words. I know what’s causing the block in my brain. It’s the same issue that has kept me from finishing my novel, I am going to be judged. My mind gets so caught up on structure and tone that I fail to actually do any real writing. It’s terrible. I just need to relax and trust in my ability. When I dig deep enough in my heart I know that I can do this. I’m just allowing my fear to keep me from accomplishing anything.

Onto other news… My husband was fired from his job which makes me the sole bread winner. Weird. In addition, we also have a new roommate. Which is rather handy cause we will need the extra cash.

My friend Jesse and his girlfriend broke up. She bragged to their ex-roomy about having an affair with some chick and when the friend had the chance told Jesse every detail. Needless to say their relationship was over.

It’s crazy to think how quickly things change.

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