It’s been some time word press. I hate to use you only for when I’m feeling blue or angry but what is a blog/online journal for but for the airing of grievances?

School has been on my mind the most. Yet it’s the last thing I actually do. I have a research paper due in less than a week and I have found no sources not have I done any thorough research. So basically it’s par for the josh course. I have a 4 page essay due on Monday and so many other things to do this weekend. My husbands and my life has been close to hectic. Our schedules are so out of whack. He’s doubled up on classes at University of Phoenix so that he can graduate by the end of July. He wants to get started with the credential program as soon as possible. It’s strange to think he’s graduating. I want to do something nice for him. This is something that doesn’t happen everyday and is a big deal, even though he insists on downplaying it. 

Last year in my student development class, one of the assignments was to make s five year plan. What’s strange is it has somehow become a real life plan. It has been decided between Charlie and I that in four years we are moving to Long Beach. At which time I will continue my education and he will start a teaching job. (and I’ll be planning our family expansion in secret.)  As it stands, the plan is to spend the next few years trying to save up money so that at the end we can buy a house instead of renting. 

I’m starting to wonder if journalism is the best for me. I made that sound more certain than I meant it to be. It was a passing thought the other day that seems to have a faint after taste. 

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