Life is consistently never what one would expect

This morning the moment of truth arrived and before I clocked in to begin my day I marched into my bosses office and informed him that in two weeks time I was leaving. You know what his only response was, “I wasn’t expecting that.” All weekend I fretted over the possibility of him making me an offer to stay and how I was going to make my choice from there. He didn’t offer a goddamn thing. Not a one. Which in reality makes it that much easier to walk away. What annoys me, and quite frankly is insulting, is that he just didn’t seem to give a shit. I have spent the past 9 years of my life growing ulsers in my stomach from the stress I’ve endured from that office and not even a weak attempt to raise my pay. 

What I am getting though is a going away lunch from Panera (my choice.) So, at LEAST there’s that. 

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