Too tired to care

I am almost certain that the statement I am about to write has been said or thought by most American citizens today: I am exhausted. It’s the kind of tired where it feels like every ounce of energy has been sucked from my body, and all that’s left behind is the weight of my flesh and bone. In addition, my mind is just as empty, like the water skin of a lost traveler in the desert. All I want to do is enter into a 3 year coma. I am that worn out. And for what?

Writing is near impossible when you have nothing on your mind. My eyes just glare at a blank page, the ceiling, the wall, my twitter feed, willing myself to write something. Yet there is no coherent thought in my brain. And Other than the obvious happenings in American politics, I have nothing of substance to ruminate. Instead I just have my exhaustion and hollow feelings.

So, in an effort to hold myself to goals I’m writing anyway. Despite my lack of topic.

I think one of my problems is I have tricked myself into thinking that my writing isn’t as good when I do it straight through the computer. What really gets the juices flowing is holding a pencil in hand and writing out my thoughts in lead. That will bring a spark to the process. But I know that that belief is bullshit. I’ve written countless blogs and even two novel length works of fiction straight on to the computer screen. This romance I’ve draped over the handwritten process is holding me back from achieving my goals.

But also… let’s not forget the exhaustion.

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