My newest bright idea

Never in my life have I ever done any sort of computer programming.  My husband likes to joke that I think I’m a computer tech, IT guy, but I am the furthest thing from it.  Which is very true. I know a few tricks here and there but I pretty much know next to nothing.  So it’s strange that all of a sudden I’ve decided that I want to build an app of a card game.

Back in freshman year of high school I developed this simple easy to play card game.  It took some strategy but in the end it was just for fun and an easy way to pass the time.  For whatever reason it bubbled up back into my mind about a month ago and since then I have been attempting to learn how to type C#.  It hasn’t gotten very far.  Let’s just say that. 

I have everything all laid out in my head it’s just actually executing these (what i’m assuming) hundreds lines of code to bring it into reality.  I haven’t the slightest clue of where to begin (code wise.)  I have downloaded all of the visual studio programs from the Microsoft website but from there… I even thought about taking a class at the local community college but they don’t offer a class on C# nor any real programming language. 

Anyway… I guess as I am learning this complex thing I can work on the other project that coincides with this project.  I decided to add a twist to the game where there is a story mode and depending on the outcome of the game it leads the story into a different branch.  Sort of like a “choose your own adventure” if you will.  

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