Boring tech stuff… You may want to skip

I am by no means a tech savvy individual.  I know a few things here and there, and when I like a particular electronic device I tend to obsess over it and learn as much as I can about it.  For instance when the iPhone first came out I watched all of the videos available on their website so I can see all of the things it could and would do.  I love it.  And I was the one, out of my husband and I, that knew what to do and how to do it.  I took the time.  Plus it was new and fascinating. 

Within the past year I have begun thinking of retirement and the future.  So I began to invest in stocks.  I chose Microsoft as one of the ones I invested in.  I did a little research and saw the things they were doing and like what I learned.  Also, I am a huge Xbox fan and I don’t think I could  live without my Microsoft word.  So In invested.  Since that time I’ve also traded in my iPad for a Surface and recently have deicded to trade my iPhone in for a Nokia 1520, especially since all of the updates that are in the pipeline.

The thing that astounds me, and irritates me all in the same, is that Microsoft has truly gone out of their way to get apps for their services.  They’ve made it increasingly easy and have gone as far as to now offer a One Windows ecosystem.  That’s amazing.  The thing that gets me is no one seems to care.  At all.  Unless it’s from google or from apple no one thinks Microsoft has the ability to deliver on anything. 

Anyway… this was my tiny rant because it’s mind boggling why no one is as interested or intrigued of all the changes that Microsoft is making.  Seriously… the One Windows idea… Whew.  I’m surprised they haven’t attempted that before.  NOw if only they could create a streaming game service for xbox games I think that would truly tip the scales. 

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