This is Basically Me Standing on a Corner With a Sandwich Board…

For all intents and purposes this is a venting post over the most ridiculous of topics.  I hear and comprehend how crazy I sound.  I do.  But I need to put them out into the universe so that they no longer exist in my head.  I mean, isn’t that what a blog is for?

For the past year I have been up Microsoft’s ass.  Pretty much since I invested in their stock.  I switched my ipad to a surface, I exclusively use bing (even though honestly I think Google is better.  Their maps especially.), and the past couple months I’ve been wanting to switch to a windows phone.  Needless to say I have been obsessed.

I finally got the chance to get a windows phone, the nokia 1520.  I have had it for the past week and I like it but I’m not certain that I want to keep the phone. I’m pretty comfortable with the iPhone and I’m pretty deep in their ecosystem.  So it’s a big deal if I switch.  The phone and software has a few things I love (answering texts while driving over my Bluetooth is aMAHzing.) but I’m not sure I want to switch.  So I have been fighting to make a decision.  Do I go with the windows phone since I’m all about Microsoft or stick with what I know and am comfortable with?

Not only have I been contemplating my switch, almost a year ago I switched exclusively to Bing search engine.  For my job I have to do a number of searches daily.  And when Bing offers you redeemable points for every search you do why wouldn’t I? Up until a couple days ago I had accrued almost 700 points.  I was going for a month free of xbox live.  I love my xbox but I rarely, if ever, use it and getting a month of live would honestly be kind of pointless.  So instead of redeeming them for that I thought I would sit on them and when they offered up a contest for a free nokia phone or surface I would enter.  Then enters the 4G Surface into the picture.

They have an option to redeem 40 points (35 if you have a gold account, which I DID) for 10 entries for a chance to win a surface.  So seeing as how I had 700 points (approximately 20 purchases, equating to 200 entries in the contest) I seized the opportunity.  The first day they went in fine.  The second… with a little hiccup at the end, but the third day… Well my points went down to zero.  My account was no longer linked with bing.  What the heck was going on?

I contacted customer service and inquired to the change.  And as it turns out my account was terminated for violating one of their terms of service.  I reviewed the 6 noted and the only one I could be accused of was having a “bot” enter me into the contest. 

A bot is program that runs on your computer clicking links over and over again.  How I know this is an option is because I have a friend, Aaron Ranney, (if anyone doubts me with the “friend” excuse) that does this precise thing and has explained to me and my other friends in length at our Wednesday night dungeion and dragons game. (yeah, I’m nerd.  I get it.)

I am furious, irrationally so, at my termination.  Not only did I lose my points and my chance at winning a surface (which in reality, who’s gonna fucking bot to win a surface.  Seriously, good try Microsoft.  But you’re late to the game) but I was accused of cheating.  I don’t cheat! I HATE cheating.  I don’t see the point and it destroys my image. 

Because of this whole debacle I made the decision to just go back to my iphone and to ditch my Microsoft stock.  I feel ridiculous now.  Fuck that company. 

Boring tech stuff… You may want to skip

I am by no means a tech savvy individual.  I know a few things here and there, and when I like a particular electronic device I tend to obsess over it and learn as much as I can about it.  For instance when the iPhone first came out I watched all of the videos available on their website so I can see all of the things it could and would do.  I love it.  And I was the one, out of my husband and I, that knew what to do and how to do it.  I took the time.  Plus it was new and fascinating. 

Within the past year I have begun thinking of retirement and the future.  So I began to invest in stocks.  I chose Microsoft as one of the ones I invested in.  I did a little research and saw the things they were doing and like what I learned.  Also, I am a huge Xbox fan and I don’t think I could  live without my Microsoft word.  So In invested.  Since that time I’ve also traded in my iPad for a Surface and recently have deicded to trade my iPhone in for a Nokia 1520, especially since all of the updates that are in the pipeline.

The thing that astounds me, and irritates me all in the same, is that Microsoft has truly gone out of their way to get apps for their services.  They’ve made it increasingly easy and have gone as far as to now offer a One Windows ecosystem.  That’s amazing.  The thing that gets me is no one seems to care.  At all.  Unless it’s from google or from apple no one thinks Microsoft has the ability to deliver on anything. 

Anyway… this was my tiny rant because it’s mind boggling why no one is as interested or intrigued of all the changes that Microsoft is making.  Seriously… the One Windows idea… Whew.  I’m surprised they haven’t attempted that before.  NOw if only they could create a streaming game service for xbox games I think that would truly tip the scales. 

Thoughts are buzzards and my brain a carcass

Obsession fuels my every thought.  Any and all action I do comes from the constant nagging at the back of my mind about some topic.  For instance, recently, I have been obsessed on the decision of whether to ditch my iPhone and get the Nokia 1520.  After some repetitive thoughts and madness I have finally concluded that I will move on to the Nokia.  I’ve had the iPhone for so long and I just want a change. 

I used to be a nokia only man.  I had the 3300 back in the day.  You know, the big grey bar thing with the green lit screen?  Yeah, that one.  Fucking loved the thing.  The first time I ever ventured out of the nokia realm was to attempt a go at the Pink Motorolla phone and that lasted about a day before I ditched it altogether.  I may be proud of my gay agenda but I do draw a line.  Plus it didn’t really fit me.  So I returned the phone and back into the arms of my Finish company.  I thought they made a good product.  It wasn’t until the iPhone came along that I dropped nokia and went over to apple.  And I was happy.  Still am as a matter of fact. I don’t see anything wrong with the iPhone.  It does what it’s meant to do. Well.

Besides annoying myself with my own obsessive thoughts I’ve dragged my husband into them also.  He doesn’t quite understand where this obsession stems from, other than the fact that I invested in Microsoft stock and since have been hitching my horse to their wagon; besides that I have come to the conclusion that if I happen to have the Nokia 1520, that comes with office preinstalled, I will have no more excuses to why my novel isn’t finished or even being worked on.  The hubby doesn’t seem to buy it and doesn’t think I’ll use it for that at all.  And he may be right, but then again he may be wrong. 

Speaking of writing, I don’t know if I blogged it here or not (I have so many different sites for expression) but I came up with a new plan of attack for my novel.  Because as I thought of my inactivity and fear I worked backward to see where they stemmed from and discovered it could just be due to the fact that I am overwhelmed with the size of the project.  It’s a huge undertaking.  As of right now my manuscript (untouched of course) stands at a little over 60,000 words.  That’s a lot.  And when I sit to begin editing I think of how huge the document is and panic.  Then I have a nervous breakdown and stop working on it completely.  (No me gusta.)  So I have resolved to work on a single chapter at a time.  I’m not going to worry about what comes after, or what follows in the next 20 chapters.  Oh no.  I am going to work on one at a time to reignite the fire.  And the beauty of my plan is that I have attempted to work on it from the start multiple times and have gotten to the point that the first few chapters are rather smooth going.  (It’ll just be a pain in the later scenes.)

Even though I discovered that brilliant plan it has, of course, languished.  I don’t know what it is but the moment I get home I am EXHAUSTED.  I have next to no motivation (despite my burning desire to be published) and instead watch television or something equally as dumb. So I looked at the problem and attempted to fix it.  My next plan, to benefit the first, is to return to the days of when I spent my lunch hour working on my novel.  I would sit at some corner of the Carl’s Jr. around the corner off my office and perfect my writing.  It was nice to be out of an area that doesn’t offer wi-fi thus decreasing my chances of distractions. Plus, the fast food joint is no real hot-bed of activity so no one goes there.  It works for me and says so much of my personality.  Everyone does the coffee house.  And I find that they’re even more distracting.  The grinding of the coffee, people constantly coming in and out, or the loud conversation.  How anyone writes in a Starbucks or it’s equivalent is beyond me. 

SO! Tomorrow I will be getting up early, to get to work on time, so that I can take a lunch and work on my novel.  I will do this.  I can do this. The only one holding me back is me.   And if that doesn’t work I have my upgrade to the Nokia 1520 to look forward to at the end of April.  And maybe then I’ll stop talking about it and do it.

P.S. how is it that wordpress has an effing blackberry app but not a windows phone app?  I mean… talk about a waste of time… No one uses a blackberry anymore.  Get on it WordPress!