The Bitch Belt is a Title Well Won

In an attempt to kill time I decided the best approach would be to blog. Plus I need to do some introspective examination. 

This morning, after only 2.5 hours of sleep, I got up early to be an extra in an indie film. I got here at 6:30 and have been here since. The thing about film is its a lot of hurry and wait. The last couple hours have all been about make-up and, to be fair, realistic make-up for a horror film can’t be rushed at all. The slower the work the better it looks.

I arrived knowing no one. And in the midst had to get out of my usual silent, shy, personality and had to attempt to make friends. I had done well up until I let my usual trash talking bullshit take over. 

This one dude, Jesse, is a super cool guy and we had hit it off really well, bull shitting, but then I took it too far and asked the Ill-fated question of “where did you find coffee guy.” 

“Coffee guy” is dubbed accurately. The only thing is he didn’t really do so well. Either lack of experience or because of technique he had the usual monotone, dead behind the eyes, delivery that comes with inexperience. This one bitch began directing and telling him how to do it, which with even my limited experience is a big no-no. I rolled my eyes and lived tweeted the entire experience. (Luckily the film is about technology trying to kill the human race so it played very well with my cattiness.) 

In reality I have no room to talk, I’m a fucking extra. I should have known my place. Show up, do what your told, don’t make waves, and say “thank you for the opportunity” when you leave. I know this but I still find it difficult. As a result I potentially alienated myself from having a writing contact friend thing. Little did I know that coffee boy is friends with Jesse. Which I learned following my bitchy question. Since that time he hasn’t spoken to me. Oh well. Another notch in my belt to remind myself to keep my mouth shut. Let’s just say this thing is getting tight. At least I’ll get that hour glass figure. 

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