Case JRH – life without meds experiment

It has been two weeks since I have stopped taking my anti-depressants and I have discovered two very obvious things. The first would be I am more angry when I’m not on my meds. It’s strange and a little jarring how quick to anger I am.  So that is something I need to work on. 

The other thing I have noticed, and is somewhat tied to the first, is I have no patience for people’s bull shit. At first I justified my behavior that it’s not putting up with their behavior but I realized there is no excuse for me to act like that to anyone for any reason. So that too is something I need to work on. 

In regards to writing I haven’t done so much. I’ve written this and another blog and found my thoughts were more coherent and lineal. That is great. As to my novel… I’ve separated the files into proper folders on my computer. I did a short but of editing but nothing else. 

I have also discovered I am way more chatty not medicated. Really talkative in fact. So it makes sense why I always fought it in the past. I went from one personality to the next. 

I will be keeping a closer eye on my activity and monitoring my progress with training myself to respect people no matter how stupid they sound/are.  In addition, working on my anger. There is no need for the levels I reach. Seriously, I go from a 1 to 8 in a 10 point scale in a matter of seconds. 

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