Intentionally Vague, Unintentionally Annoying

Stress has befallen my house. The good kind, luckily. New opportunities have presented themselves and I am struggling with myself to find the right course of action. Unfortunately the full breadth of my upcoming life shift has not been revealed. Instead I base my anxiety and confusion on possibility. 

I hate speaking in riddles. More often than not I am an open book and share with the world my hopes and fears. Keeping what ails me to myself is an agony I am not comfortable with feeling. I’m sharer. So sue me. I can say it has nothing to do with my husbands and my relationship. But it does affect all other aspects of our life. 

The waiting is the hardest part. In the limbo my mind concocts every possible scenario. Then I hypothetically make a decision and fret over it as if it was an actual choice that had real world consequences. It’s ridiculous, yes, but I am certain I am not alone. In fact my husband does the same thing. 

He quoted my own words to me “it’s out of your hands. There is nothing you can do, so stop worrying.” Dammit, I’m wise. And damn him for listening and repeating. He doesn’t ever accept that as an answer! 

The most difficult part is making the right decision. No one ever knows. We do what we will with the information we have, but nothing in life is a guarantee win. 

I apologize for being so vague but it was part of the agreement. I’m certain even this post is entirely too much. Everything will be revealed in due time. I just had to get this off my chest, or at least switch which tit this news is crushing. 

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