Opportunity rings once and knocks twice

I attended my second meeting where they were meant to make me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  While it was alright, I’m not happy with the amount of money suggested. Although I have every intention to counter with another amount slightly higher. 

The thing that struck me the strangest at this meeting was this omen sitting in the corner of Starbucks. It was a physical representation of my very youth. This chubby kid sat in the corner of the coffee chain, with earbuds firmly placed in his ears, playing on a 3DS that barely covered up a Star Wars shirt. There was no doubt in my mind that this kid was “me.”

I stand on the edge of my twenties. Below me is the next platue, just as long, of my 30’s. In only a few months I will lose the monicker of a young twenty year old and be an adult. And on this Saturday afternoon I meet with a potential employer to discuss me coming to work for him. 

The poacher is a former boss of mine. At my current job, by definition, I am the bottom rung of the totem pole. Everyone and everything is above me, I think the printer has told me what to do a few times. It is unfortunate but it comes with the job. This man was once one of them. After a few shady deals on my current bosses part and some requests not well met by the potential manager, he left. Since then he has started his own business which is doing quite well. So much to the point that he needs another appraiser to come on and carry some of the burden. That person may potentially be me. 

At the end of the interview he left and I got up to leave as well, along with the child. Before this kid could get in the way I made sure I hurried after my opportunity. 

In my heart I have already chosen my new path over the worn one. But that’s because my current employer has no intention of letting me move up. I was hired for “support” and nothing else will move on from there. Ultimately though my reason for leaving is a chance to start fresh, to get away from the negativity and burdens that accompany this office. It is a prison of my own design, but my current bevy of bosses will never trust me. Like I said, it is all my own fault. 

This opportunity for the Phoenix within to rise from the ashes anew and to achieve something I know I am capable of reaching. My only proviso is that I get $2 more. Let’s see if he can or will swing at my pitch. 

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