Unexpected Thought Provoking Projections

Every person has that one musical artist that they identify with and call their own. Each song they sing sounds like the words from their own heart and they hold that person up as some mystical creature to be cherished. For me it’s Robbie Williams. I know, weird. I came upon him in my most formative days of my youth when I was obsessed with anything and everything British. I so badly wanted to live across the pond and when the music video of an ex-boyband, turned bad boy, showed up in a random cluster of music videos, singing about the “Millennium” I was entranced. I bought his album”The Ego has Landed” and found myself entranced by each track and even a little frightened at times to where his music was taking me. The song “Karma Killer” made me feel so uncomfortable, because it was such a departure from what I had been listening to.  It was dark and curious.

I have followed the man’s musical catalog since then. I even went online and purchased his UK only releases and a great many posters to decorate the wall of my American home with this British singer. He was a god to me. I’ve loved (almost) every one of his albums. (Rudebox was just not my cup of tea.) I have found that since he parted ways with Guy Chambers I haven’t been a slob for his music as I had once been. Now he has to really try to get me rocking out in my car.

His most recent album “The Heavy Entertainment Show” is pretty good. There a few songs that make me go, “meh” but overall I’m belting out each lyric in my car as I speed down the freeway. While I was working today, I chose that one to blare on my car speakers and there are two tracks that he wrote for his children that brought up a topic in my head I couldn’t shake.

The songs are great. The one to his daughter is “Love my Life” and is this beautiful melody that wins me every time. The one for his son is “Motherfucker.” Don’t let the title mislead you. The song is a rock-ish romp about how everyone in his family has a past where they have battled their demons. It’s really good, and it’s super fun to sing “motherfucker.”

The tracks made me realize how parents tend to project these ideas, personalities, personas, and lives onto their children. Before they have truly developed their own identity, Robbie wants his daughter to have a charmed life where she loves every facet of it. That idea in itself is strange because no one, no matter how pampered their life has been, will escape the harsh reality of “human experience.” But I understand the want for your child to find joy. We all want that. But it’s silly to think that’s even achievable.

The other song  is projecting this idea of masculinity or rebelliousness on his son. He very well may be just as rambunctious as his father but then again he may not. It’s interesting to me how he would even consider that as something his son would have to fight, but not his daughter. He even calls his wife crazy in the song as a reason his son will be a “bad motherfucker.” Shouldn’t she have the opportunity to battle the shadows of the past?

I know he meant nothing harmful in these songs. It’s beautiful that he would even write something for them. I just think it brings to light a problem we have as a society.

In addition, this notion was exacerbated for me when a friend of mine posted a set of photos that were “gender reveal” cakes. And on them were the most stereotypical ideals of what it is to be a boy or girl. One was “Lures or Lace” and another was “guns or glitter.” I like none of those things. Do I have no gender identity?

I think we as a collective look at our children to fix the mistakes that we made or expect them to not have any at all. I think it also perpetuates this idea that girls are delicate creatures that bruise at the slightest touch and boys are tough as nails and up for a fight. And it begs the question, do we grow into these stereotypes that our parents project onto us, or are we our authentic selves?

When I look at my own life, I don’t know if my parents had any kind of expectations of me. Other than me being a good person and marrying a woman and having hundreds of babies, there was nothing else they wanted of me. (Boy did I let them down.) They never forced me into sports, they always encouraged my artistic side. They let me develop as I went along.

I know that if my husband and I do adopt (which we better fucking do, goddamnit) I want to make sure they know they can be and do whatever they want. I will hold no other expectation out of them than to respect those that are around them, and to treat others with courtesy, no matter how terrible they find themselves being treated  in return.

I will say, if they don’t love Robbie like I do, I may have to disown them. However, I let my husband’s dislike of him slide. So, what’s one more under the wire?


Breaking Bad Ball Busting Bitch

I don’t understand how some people feel the need to control the lives of others. They think their opinion is so right that everyone must change to what they want and what they think is right.  It gets old.  I just wish those people would accept that there is such a thing as free will.

My rant comes to you in the form of some ‘lady’ (lady by the way is my PG way of saying bitch) that felt Toys ‘R’ Us should immediately stop the sale of Breaking Bad action figures. (http://www.cnn.com/2014/10/22/living/breaking-bad-toys-r-us/index.html) Her reasoning (toward the end of the article) is that kids emulate their action figures.  Okay, here is the idiocy in that statement.  Not taking into consideration that if you don’t want your kid to pretend to be a diabolical man that makes meth and calls himself Heisenberg just DON’T buy it, why in the hell would your child be watching Breaking Bad to begin with?  What kind of messed up mother are you where you let your child watch a program about a meth dealer that steals and murders without remorse.  If you do, you really need to evaluate your priorities.

So, considering she doesn’t let her kids watch the show (cause, you know, she’s a good mother and vigilant citizen) how would your child even know who Jesse and Walter White are?! Why would they emulate them in any fashion?! If that’s your reasoning, stop selling dolls that include: freddy, darth vader, darth maul, darth sidious, Kobra, Decepticons, or any other villain of any other children’s franchise, because they are just as bad.  And one may argue that “those characters are fantasy,” well so is Breaking Bad.

And finally… A PETITION? This lady gets that Toys ‘R’ Us is a privately owned and operated company and not a government agency.  So what, you found 9,000 other people with sticks up their ass that have nothing better to do during the day than to complain about pieces of plastic.   I mean… do these dolls come with a sample of meth?  Are they so advanced that the project the show continuously through projectors via the doll’s eyes?

Which brings me back to my intial point, why do people feel the need to control what is and isn’t available? Under no circumstance would a child know about Breaking Bad so fearing they would pretend to be meth dealers is preposterous. Just worry about you and your own family.  Obviously this lady needs to get laid or something… Someone give her some meth.